Surin Beach – Surf Break Overview.

Surin beach is located along the central west coast of Phuket. It may look like a typical beach but it has a steep drop off unlike other beaches on the island where the sandy bottoms are more gradual. With enough swell energy, this shore break wave can provide a good solid pounding and is not recommended for beginners.

Surin is notorious for being one of the more powerful and faster waves on the island and waves can reach up to overhead in size.   It’s also one of the few spots on the island where you can potentially tuck into turquoise-colored beach break barrels.  Yeah, dude!

It takes a southwest ground swell with a fairly high swell period (above 17 seconds) and offshore winds for it to go off.  When it does, you’ll be in for one of the best waves that’s offered on the island. 

CNN Travel Ranked Surin Beach #46

on a list of the World’s 50 best surf spots. Just barely making the list, there are plenty of beaches around the world that offer surfers far more superior waves than Surin does. 


Surin beach offers serenity, picturesque sunsets, five-star spas, authentic Thai massages on the beach, the turquoise-ish, blue-greenish, warm bath-like ocean waves breaking on delicate, white sand. Taste the freshly made, mouth watering, sweat-inducing, spicy Som Tam whipped up by a super friendly Thai woman serving you with a warm smile.

Surin Beach Surf Breakdown

Best Tide: Medium to high*

Best Swell Direction: SW, W, NW*

Best Wind: E*

Bottom: Sandy beach with steep drop off; few rocks spread out around northern 1/3 of the beach

Ability Level: Mid to advanced*

Best Season: May to October*

Crowd Factor: Empty

Local Vibe: Friendly overall; practice good surf etiquette