Nai Yang Beach – Surf Break Overview

Nai Yang gets its fair share of split peaks alongside the stretch of its delicate, white sand beach. It requires a good amount of energy coming up from the southwest. Because of its location at the upper northwest region of Phuket, it tends to receive more of the southwest energy that bypasses the tip of North Sumatra.

Wind direction is critical due to Nai Yang’s exposure and sensitivity to winds.

A ten minute walk up the beach towards the airport and past a small river mouth is where you’ll also find a coral reef break in the distance, located almost 200 meters (656 feet) offshore (yeah, it’s a good 15-20 minutes to paddle out). Long tail boats in the area will refuse to take you out there because of the risk of hitting the reef and damaging their boat. Although you can request to be dropped off close enough to shorten your paddle length and save some of your paddling power.

The reef break is positioned within the area of Sirinat National Park extremely close to Phuket International Airport.Nai Yang Reef is also known as “Airport Reef” due to its close proximity to the airport. The reef break offers several different take off spots depending on the swell and wind directions. It’s one of the only spots on the island that will get ground swells throughout the entire year. When most of the southern beaches are flat, check Nai Yang for a chance to find some waves.

Where to rent your board

DEWA Resort located across the entrance (south entrance??) of Sirinat National Park.They have a small variety of long boards and Stand Up Paddle Boards for rent. Non hotel guests are able to rent with a small deposit.

Nai Yang is unlike any of the other beaches along Phuket’s famed west coast. It’s a favorite spot for locals and it’s super chill. It’s truly a great place to capture some serenity. A dirt road leads you to the beach where you can park your car within a visible range from where you’d like to set up your beach towel. There is plenty of shade here thanks to the various species of tall trees lining the coast.

In the northern section of this stretched out coast is Sirinat National Park, a marine park known for its preserved white sand beaches. This area of the beach is as tranquil as it gets and it’s a cherished site for locals to enjoy peaceful family picnics. Although, there are some tourists who make the trek as it is a tourist attraction as well. Four different beaches conjoin to make up the 13 km long coastline that’s also lined with various types of tree species. 

Beach tent camping is permitted and bungalows may also be rented within the park. Bathrooms and shower facilities are available too. BBQs and beachside bonfires are permitted making this a must do activity for adventurists. Stop by the Visitor’s Center in the park to make arrangements or reserve ahead by visiting the National Park of Thailand Online Reservation website here.

Tourists are asked to pay a small admission fee to enter the park: 200 Baht for adults, 100 Baht for children.

If you’re just visiting for the day and don’t mind taking a pleasurable walk up along one of the most beautiful settings on the island, you can park your vehicle outside the park along the open beachside parking area (please watch out for the local dogs who like to dig out a comfortable area in the dirt and lie down in an attempt to cool themselves off). Then, make your way up along the beach as you watch airplanes position towards their landing.

Phuket International Airport (HKT) is a about a 5 minute drive north from here. In fact, as you sit in the line up, you’ll have a mesmerizing view of massive airliners descending onto the 3000 meter long strip of asphalt as it barely clears the sands and sea along Hat Mai Khao beach, Phuket’s longest beach.

During Thailand’s surf season, currents can get pretty rough causing very strong rip currents! If you’re an inexperienced surfer or swimmer, please consider surfing with a local surf instructor or with someone more experienced and knowledgeable of the surf break.

Drownings do occur yearly. Please be safe and take the proper precautions before entering the ocean.

Nai Yang Beach, Phuket