Karon Beach – Surf Break Overview

A widespread beach break spanning about 3 km (almost 2 miles) long can be identified by the big white roundabout intersection located about midway down the beach. There are no particular take off spots to suggest here but you will find some A-frame peaks along the beach when conditions are favorable. It does pick up various swell angles quite easily but the wind direction will be the limiting factor. Tends to get blown out here but it has its days.

The pearly white sandy beach is highly exposed to wind, which makes it vulnerable to having victory at sea type conditions when onshore winds blow over about xxx km/mph.???This does tend to be the case here but light winds and offshore conditions can offer really fun surf in an empty or thinly spread out line up.Luckily, this beach is easily visible from the street allowing you to make a quick surf check to see if it’s worth it for you.Check Kata Yai (a more protected bay) just south from here if conditions aren’t surfable.

Karon is considered one of Phuket’s finest beaches because of its incredible open stretch of white powdery sand.It also offers some of the best views of Phuket’s famed west coast sunsets because of the lack of obstructing beachfront properties here.

Patak Road, which separates a lot of the hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants from the seashore wonderland offers a lot of choices to eat and shop. You’ll also find beach volleyball players along Karon Beach. It’s a long stretch of sand with some outdoor exercise equipment if you want to get your swoll on too.

There are no resorts on this beach but there are plenty across the street and around the vicinity. Exact hotel location should be verified prior to booking, especially if you’re traveling with young children or elderly individuals.

Karon’s aquamarine waters and bright white sand is very alluring often drawing a lot of tourists looking to relax and playfully swim in the warm enticing ocean. Throughout Phuket’s surf season of April to October, however, is a time that tourists and locals alike must be well aware of the major threat of rip currents that unfortunately have been linked to drownings here in the past.

Swimming or surfing here is not recommended for children and unexperienced swimmers during this time. Even the strongest and most experienced swimmers are susceptible to extremely dangerous, life threatening rip currents. The presence of lifeguards can be be lacking here. Please be aware of any red flags notifying swimmers to stay out of the ocean!

Karon Beach, Phuket