Kalim Reef Overview

A fun right hander and a great big smile are what you’ll get at this coral reef break that’s favored by many locals. The reef rocky bottom does get pretty shallow on the inside but the right hand peeler can offer you one of the longest rides here along Phuket’s west coast. Just be sure to kick out on time before you end up on the reef with painful abrasions and a dinged up board. You can also find a little left at times but you’ll enjoy much longer rides going right.

Few surfers choose to surf a right that’s in the very northern section of the bay.These waves tend to offer shorter length rides.Although, most of the time you can get on it by yourself.

Kalim reef can get up to overhead high with a required amount southwest or west swell energy and favorable wind conditions.Your best bet is to go around the incoming mid to high tide.

Paddle out Tip: Save your energy by paddling out by the short length bridge located…. It looks like a long way but it’s definitely an easier and quicker way to get out to the lineup.Avoid paddling out off the rocks by the small parking and spectator area just south of White Box unless you feel like building up your shoulder endurance.The current will end up taking you south anyway so you may as well start from that area

Kalim can easily be seen while driving along the northern end of Patong Bay. It’s slightly tucked in along the massive northern headland that borders this beach. During the NE monsoon “high season” (November-March) you’ll frequently see a seabed of coral rocks exposed around low tide. However, during the southwest monsoon “low season” (April-October), the water level rises covering up most of the rocks.

You won’t find any sunbathers on this beach mainly because there isn’t a wide enough strip of sand for lounging. When there’s a fair amount of swell, waves crash onto the adjacent narrow street creating a slight road hazard, especially for those on motorbikes. There are a few elevated beachside restaurants just north of the reef break offering terrific views for watching surfers make their way down the line. The open area south of the break is also a good place to grab a good variety of delicious (and cheap) street food and fresh juice shakes to satisfy your post surf hunger. You won’t miss the sites and scents of food stalls that line up along the coastal side of the road.

Kalim Beach, Phuket